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Dental Amalgam Rulemaking

EPA Rule and supporting documents

View national comments on-line

American Dental Association (ADA) website on Dental Amalgam

Colorado Dental Association (CDA) - find a dentist button in upper right corner

Mercury Control

American Dental Association (ADA) Best Management Practices, 2007

ISO11143 Dental Amalgam Separators, 1999

Hospital ELG Rulemaking – Dental Amalgam

Region 8 Mercury Strategy

Methyl Mercury Water Quality Criteria

Effluent Guidelines Rulemaking 304(m) and 304(b)

EPA Effluent Guidelines Home page

2008 Final ELG plan

Biodiesel Memo — OCPSF Applicability

2006 Final ELG Plan

2004 Final ELG Plan

Pharmaceuticals and Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Universal Waste Amendment to the RCRA Regulations

Office of National Drug Control Policy (Sanitary Sewer Discharge)

Biosolids National Targeted Sewage Sludge Survey Report

EPA Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PCPP) Homepage

POTW Study

CDPHE Medical Waste website

CDPHE Medical Take-Back Program website

Pretreatment Streamlining

Pretreatment Home (Streamlining Links)

Required Changes

EPA Model Pretreatment Ordinance

Industry Specific Environmental Assistance

National Metal Finishing Resource Center

Printers National Environmental Assistance Center

Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair

MTBE and Underground Storage Tanks

EPA/State Government Sites

US Environmental Protection Agency

EPA National Pretreatment Website

EPA Pretreatment Training

EPA Region 8 Pretreatment Website (Document Downloads)

EPA Pretreatment Standards and Limits

EPA Compliance and Enforcement

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Water Quality Control Division

Colorado Water Quality Control Commission

Other Organizations

Region 6 Pretreatment Association

Region 8 Pretreatment Association

American Water Works Association

Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association

North Carolina Pretreatment Consortium

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts Association

Water Environment Federation

Colorado Wastewater Utility Council

The Western Coalition of Arid States (WESTCAS)

Yahoo! Pretreatment Forum

Misc. Information

Effluent toxicity website

Environmental Health and Safety On-Line

MSDS Sheets

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)