CIPCA Fall Conference is October 20, 2016

  • Exciting New Venue! Something for everyone! Engaging smaller workshops.
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Dental Amalgam Rule


Who We Are

The Colorado Industrial Pretreatment Coordinators Association (CIPCA) is an organization expressly for individuals who have a professional relationship within the Industrial Pretreatment profession. It acts as a forum which:

  • Enables exchange of technical information regarding pretreatment regulations
  • Serves as a voice for its members when representation at regulatory hearings or other meetings is necessary or desired
  • Educates pretreatment members
  • Aids development and progress of industrial pretreatment regulatory agencies at a local level



Executive Committee 2016

Chair: JB Reyes

Co-Chair: Eddie Trevino

Treasurer: Charity Larson

Secretary: Scott Caldwell

Issues Editor: Gwen Lawrence

Education/Training: TR Berger

Newsletter Editor: Hunter Greeno



2010 By-Laws


For a current list of members, please contact us.